Sa Tappara

The town

Ulassai is a small town located in Ogliastra it has very few inhabitants. Famous for giving birth to the artist Maria Lai, today it is a reference point for outdoor activities in Sardinia. Particularly famous is the Ulassai Festival event entirely dedicated to the practice of sports in nature: trekking, Mbt and climbing are the main activities. Its territory is rich of geological jewels as well as numerous artistic works, many of which are collected in the museum La Stazione dell’Arte.

Technical data

Path length: 3 km

Route type: T (Tourist)

Difference in altitude: 205 meters (q.min. 700 m.slm q.max 840 m.slm)

Approximate time: 2/2: 30 hours

The Route

The route begins near the opera “Il Lavatoio di Maria Lai and Nivola” and then it continues towards the exit of the town. Starting from here it begins the climb that will take us over the heel that overlooks the village. The initial climb is simple, paved in flat stones it allows us to reach the top easely, to be honest the path is suitable for everyone even for those who do not often practice trekking. Despite its simplicity, the path offers us unforgettable views. from here on it is possible to see the entire Pardu Valley and a large part of the Cardedu seaside. Once at the top of the plateau the path is flat and we can admire the canyon in its entire length and depth. The path continues along the southern slope, a position that allows us to admire its imposing limestone walls worked on by the atmospheric agents that have made this corner of the world a unique monument.

In Between Rock and Culture

If you decide to visit Ulassai we recommend the Museum La Stazione dell’Arte as well as the Grotta su Marmuri which is considered one of the most important caves in Europe. The cave extends underground for about 1 km and its entrance is 35 meters high to descend inside it is necessary to walk a staircase mode of 200 steps. The cave inside is flat and the path is often marked by walkways that cross the natural lakes inside which make the cave very special together with the huge stalactites and stalagmites made of most different shapes.

How to reach the country

Leaving the campsite it is necessary to go to Bari Sardo, cross it and reach the junction for Cagliari. take the new SS 125 and drive for a few kilometers until you reach the vicinity of Tertenia where the detour to Jerzu is found, from here you go straight on to Ulassai. The journey takes approximately 30 minutes.