Camping in Sardinia with Discotheque

Il Tetto del Suono

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You are allowed to let loose yourself and enjoy the sound of the current top hits. 

Mythy nights and a starry sky will be your scenery.

At the discotheque you will find the best quality of sound thanks to the Vencos 3 Bose sound system called “Tetto del Suono”, those who love fun and music will really appreciate it.

Our discotheque has sound-proof protection, which guarantees excellence of sound. Recently we renewed the outdoor disco audio system using a technology that meets everyone’s approval, both night-owls and those who love to relax. The new “Vencos 3 Bose” system contains the sound into the dancefloor, avoiding noise pollution, so if you are at your mobile home you will not be bordered by the music.

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