The Enviroment

About 500 meters above sea level, hidden by practically impassable rocky walls and wrapped in an anomalous Mediterranean scrub is the most long-lived and fascinating nuragic village in history, Tiscali. Founded in the pre-Nuragic era, it is believed that the site was frequented until the early Middle Ages and that only after no apparent reason was abandoned. It can be said with a certain presumption that the real discovery that this place gives us is not the nuragic village but the flora that has developed in a unique way over the millennia. Shrubs and hedges that normally do not exceed one and a half meters in height with branches a few centimeters thick have undergone a considerable change. Due to the microclimate inside the cave, shrubs of Terebinto, Fillirea, Lentisco can be admired with unusual dimensions, equal to those of an oak.

Panorama lungo il cammino per Tiscali

Technical data

Route length: 8 km

Type of route: E (Hiking)

Difference in altitude: q.min. 191 m above sea level q.max 468 m above sea level,

Approximate time: 6/8 hours

 How to reach Tiscali

Reaching the starting point is relatively simple: from Bari Sardo we proceed to Nuoro passing through Lanusei and Villanova Strisaili. Once in Nuoro, proceed to Oliena and then further towards Cala Gonone. Along the road there are signs for the parking lot where you can safely park your car before tackling the route.

Il passaggio a Sa Curtigia

What to visit

If you want to deepen your knowledge of the Nuragic site of Tiscali, we recommend you visit the Archaeological Museum of Dorgali where you can see the findings of the village and the numerous sites in the Barbaricine area.