The Green Train

Jump on board uncontaminated nature

The “Green Train” lets you travel and get to know the truest and most evocative side of our territory. Thanks to the splendid iron roads, you can reach the heart of our island and visit some of the most beautiful places that are sometimes so impervious and hidden that they are only reachable on foot and with great difficulty. If you want to spend a serene and relaxing moment the “Green Train” is ideal: its speed is moderate and lets you fully enjoy the landscape and the surrounding nature and visit charming, ancient, far away places.

It goes through the Girasole, Villagrande, Elini, Arzana, Ilbono and Lanusei territories. The Gennargentu Mountain, the highest in Sardinia that reflects into the waters of the Flumendosa lake,, will seem majestic. The landscape is an alternation of different emotions: the solitary “Perda Liana”, a calcareous rock that is the gate of the Gairo, Ussassai, Ulassai and Seui territories where the landscape changes again and is full of rocks of the most varied shapes. After having travelled for more than 60 km by train surrounded by a century old hollyoak wood, the train stops. The route can continue on oot to the Naturalistic Oasis of Montarbu, between the Ussassai and Seui territories, among the odours and colours of an uncontaminated environment. A pleasant walk will lead to the discovery of calcareous rocks.