Barisardo is a town of around 4000 habitants , situated in the heart of Ogliastra, along the eastern coast of Sardinia.
It’s at the centre of what is commonly known as the amphitheater on the sea, a metaphor that tells the natural morphology of this still uncontaminated region.

In Barisardo it’s easy to switch between the ages, from the growing propensity to tourism to the ancient flavor of traditions and customs. For this reason, in the town as well as the adjacent area, there are both typical buildings, such as farmhouses and ovules, as well as villas and hotels for tourists.

In Barisardo, points of interest are:


  • the Chiesetta di San Leonardo, dating all the way back to the 16th century, recently restored;
  • the Church of the Blessed Virgin of Montserrat is one of the most representative to be seen in Ogliastra, erected at the end of the 18th century and adorned by a bell tower of about 42m, which rises up on the central street of the village. The Church is built in the style of Rococo Piemontese, and it houses the valuable ancona of the Sacred Family of A. Mainas;
  • the Torre di Bari, a construction of the period between the end of 1500 and the beginning of the sixteenth century, on a mountain that separates the beach of la Torrer from that of Planargia. It’s a military construction aimed at looking for Barbarians and Pirates who reach the Island by sea;
  • Plateau Su Teccu , is located in the North of Barisardo, it is a site of natural and archaeological interest. The plateau hosts several nuraghi, including Nuraghe Iba Manna, Nuraghe Mindedu. The last one, being the most interesting in the area, is composed of a beautiful central tower to protect the plain which ends at the sea in the vast and lesser-frequented Tramalte beach.

Barisardo offers a varied set of scenery and panoramic views. The extensive beaches of Planargia alternate between the brown rocks of the Punta Niedda area and Punta su Mastixi, which then continue with the marvelous Cea beach with its lovely faraglioni.

In the inside, however, we have the wide plains of Planargia and Goleri where the verdant hills of Su Pranu, Pizzu and Monti, and the Teccu plateau rise.


Mediterranean macchia, pastures, small watercourses, vineyards and olive groves create fabulous scenery throughout the surrounding countryside.

You absolutely must visit this lovely corner of Ogliastra, and discover all the curiosities of the region for yourself.