Camper Van Pitches


Sleeping in a Camper Van is a unique experience that will give you the chance to spend your holiday in close touch with nature, in a relaxing and friendly environment.
The camping village pitches where you'll park your Camper Van are all close to the sea, in the shade and surrounded by nature. Our guests can use the camping village's modern toilet facilities, all of which are built in accordance with the ADAC European Standards. Our staff does its best to ensure the cleanliness and maintenance of these facilities.

Please note:
  • We allow you to rent fridges (135 litres) through an external service, subject to availability.
  • Wi-Fi is available in all areas of the camping village by asking for an access code at the reception.
  • Stone BBQs are available in various areas of the camping village.
  • 3 amp or 6 amp charging stations;
  • Bike rentals for adults and children.
Map of the campsite

Our village's other accommodations