Rules and guidelines of the Camping Village L'Ultima Spiaggia
  • The campers, on arrival, they are required to give their identity documents for registration;

  • Visitors are not allowed except with the consent of the Executive. If admitted must give their identification card, pay their share and leave the campsite by midnight;

  • From 1 pm to 4 pm and after midnight are prohibited noises that might disturb the campers;

  • It's forbidden to move by car, motorcycle and similar inside the campsite if not for purposes of loading and unloading. Vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas only. The Management accepts no responsibility for damage, attempted theft to car or motorbike, also if made inside the campsite;

  • Customers are responsible for the safekeeping of their own property. The Management accepts no liability for the loss or theft of valuables which are not handed over for safekeeping;

  • It's strictly prohibited to damage campsite plants, furnishings, equipment and light fires;

  • The use of the campsite's sports and recreations equipment is at the risk of the customer;

  • Waste paper and other types of garbage have to be placed in the bins provided for the collection recycling;

  • Children may not use the toilet facilities unless accompanied by an adult. The Management assumes no responsibility for accidents;

  • The admission to the campsite imply full acceptance and compliance with these regulation which may be integrated separately by means of additional rules which the Management may feel it necessary to issue to guarantee the best functioning of the campsite. The Management may, after verbal dispute, terminate the contract at any time if the subscriber (or their guests including family members) do not respect the rules of the village;

  • The customers are required to hang outside of their tent, camper or caravan, in a clearly visibile position, card issued to them upon arrival;

  • Animal (dogs) are admitted only if an up-to-date vaccination certificate is provided and they are muzzled and kept on the lead. Under no circumstances may dogs be taken onto the beach. Owners are required to ensure that dog mess (bodily business) is collected and disposed in an appropriate manner;

  • Linen, clothes and crockery must be washed only in the sinks provided;

  • It's strictly forbidden to wash cars inside the campsite;

  • It's strictly forbidden to use fire-fighting equipment/extinguishers except in case of an emergency;

  • Guests are warned that under no circumstances may they touch or modify the electricity hook up points; any action of this kind will lead to their immediate expulsion from the campsite;

  • The phone messages are not delivered personally (except in exceptional circumstances), but are exposed next to the Management office on the notice-board. It's not allowed to use the telephone for incoming calls at the reception;

  • The assignment of the accomodation facility, caravan and pitches is of exclusive responsibility of the Management;

  • During your stay in the village you are required to wear your “identity pass” (armband);

  • Your bill must be required by 12am on the day of departure and must be paid in full by 11am on the day of departure;

  • Pitches must be vacated by 12am on the day of departure, otherwise you will be charged for an additional day. It's strictly forbidden to sub-let the accomodation facility, pitches or transfer the contract to other per people in any other way;

  • It's strictly forbidden to use the pools between 1pm to 4pm and 8pm to 9am of the day after;

  • The pools have their own rules to be followed scrupulosly placed next to them.

Booking will became effective only if followed within five days by Management confirmation deposit. The renounce Cancellations of stays are accepted only personally or by post. Those who give-up on their booked stay will be full-refounded on their deposit only if we will know that within sixty days before arrival. Over this date the deposit will be kept fully. Who should cancel the stay already started, he has to pay the full amount of the expected stay.

ACCOMMODATION FACILITY (bungalows, mobile homes and lodge tents):
Daily cleaning and tidying of the accommodation facility are customer responsibility. The cost of the final cleaning on departure will be charged to the customer. The accommodation facility are handed over at 5pm on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10am on the day of departure. Upon arrival, a key-money deposit will be required and it will be returned, after inspection, on the day of departure.